Business Intelligence

At Mediro Analytics we specialise in Business Intelligence and Analytics services, we also provide the market-leading solution Tableau

Analytics is the future of business.

Our analytics team develops Business Intelligence(BI) Solutions that transform data into insights and use these insights to guide businesses in data-driven decision-making.

Our services include:

  • Tableau (Solution and Services)
  • PowerBI Services
  • SAP BI/BO Services
  • SSRS/SSIS Services
  • Database Monitoring Services 
  • Data Architecture
  • SQL Database Administration
  • Data Modelling / Data Warehousing (Tabular or Multi-Dimensional Models)
  • Migration from on-prem to cloud Azure
  • ETL through SSIS / Data Factory
  • SSRS

Our team delivers innovative BI solutions with the following capabilities:

Actionable Analytics

Business users can work on data, derive actionable insights, and implement them all in one place through features like embedded analytics, dashboard extensions, and APIs.


Adds a dash of context to statistics and provides the narrative needed to put insights into action.

Collaborative BI

A combination of BI tools to streamline data-driven decision-making.

Self-Service BI

Empowers the users to filter, sort, and analyze corporate data without necessarily having technical data analytic skills.

Data Governance

Enables our client to harness the power of technologies, processes, and people involved in the management of data assets to deliver complete, trustworthy, secure, and understandable data.

Data Discovery

Non-tech users can explore corporate information and obtain actionable insights to make fast, informed decisions based on their discoveries.

Data security

Data protection capabilities to protect clients’ data no matter how or where it is accessed.

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