ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. This is the future of work.​

Behind every great experience is a great workflow.

Optimise processes, connect silos, and create new value on a single, unifying platform to digitise your entire business

Accelerate digital transformation with resilient, cost-efficient and secure technology

Deliver a unified employee experience for your hybrid workforce

Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Build connected cross-enterprise workflow apps fast

When work flows naturally, great experiences follow. The Now Platform delivers a smarter way to workflow across industries.

The enterprise workflow revolution

Born in the cloud and built from the ground up with a single data model and a single, scalable architecture, the Now Platform enables data to flow seamlessly across applications and existing systems. The Now Platform delivers workflow automation at an enterprise scale, allowing you to optimize business processes for productivity, agility, and resiliency.


With out-of-the-box digital workflows that automate everyday service requests, delivery teams can increase service delivery speed, and free up teams for higher-value work that drives enterprise-wide innovation. And with native development and integration tools, you can easily extend ServiceNow’s digital workflows or create new digital workflows on the same platform. This flexibility lets you create the right experiences you need for a better way to work, or in disruptive situations, a better way to respond.

service now premier partner south africa
Mediro ICT is a Premier Service Now Partner

Optimize processes to empower people to do their best work

  •  Automate and optimize work across the enterprise
  • Work smarter and faster with native, purpose-built AI and analytics
  • Scale quickly and drive productivity across every corner of your business

Connect siloes to create seamless experiences for employees & customers

  • Meet people where they want to engage with modern, unified experiences
  • Create and maintain a single source of truth for your enterprise
  • Simplify user experiences with cross-enterprise workflows

Create new value by enabling innovation at scale and speed

  • Empower developers of any skill level to build and automate with low code tools
  • Unlock ROI quickly with pre-built apps and integrations that extend digital workflows
  • Fast-track digital initiatives to deliver new services with speed, security, and control


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