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Sustainable test practises for green IT

The IT sector accounts for approximately 4% of global CO2 emissions and this could double by 2025. Now is the time to act; have you adopted sustainable practices in Quality Assurance and set metrics and KPIs to measure your green credentials as a commitment to reducing overall emissions and to making a difference?
Mediro ICT Connect helps businesses to adopt green test practices that impact the IT function and the business as a whole, by increasing development speed and scale to achieve sustainability goals.
Using #Tricentis tools and testing methodologies, we monitor the regression path in order to reduce energy consumption and ewastage. We use a test creation model-based approach to ensure reusability and repeatability in an easy to maintain framework that leverages automation, cloud, and mobile testing.
Using performance testing of applications against identified green metrics, and implementing observability within the business, we enable these applications to become more energy efficient, for example, by identifying bottlenecks and CPU strikes, optimising data, reducing resource usage and system load.
To move forward, we need to go back to the basics of change management by optimising data, streamlining business processes, and putting green IT metrics into the hands of developers for them to adapt, evolve and build using energy efficient code.

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Sustainable test practises for green IT

WINNERS at the Tricentis EMEA Partner Kickoff 2024

Congratulations to our team for being awarded ‘France & Emerging Markets Breakthrough Partner for 2023’!

Enable everyone on your team to become a quality champion.
The Tricentis platform accelerates testing of all your applications, data, and business processes and integrates with tools across your delivery pipeline.

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Native mobile app test automation

Fast, codeless authoring of stable tests on real and virtual devices.

Your mobile app is a critical digital interface to your company and can be the difference between growing your business or losing customers. Native mobile app testing must be fast and codeless and available on real and virtual devices. Decrease your risk and increase quality of mobile apps with Tricentis Testim.

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