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Mediro ICT’s Kelvin Klein, Dynatrace Product Manager, reports back from the Tricentis booth at Perform2024,

Mediro ICT‘s Kelvin KleinDynatrace Product Manager, reports back from the Tricentis booth at #Perform2024, an in-person event that took place in Vegas from 29 Jan to 1 Feb.

“What a privilege to learn from the Cloud’s greatest minds on how to optimize and extend the Dynatrace platform, and to be at the forefront of data observability, AIOps, DevSecOps, continuous testing for digital businesses, and beyond.”

Learn how to integrate Tricentis Neoload with Cloud Automation to execute performance tests:

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Mediro ICT's Kelvin Klein, Dynatrace Product Manager, reports back from the Tricentis booth at #Perform2024

Business events bring business-grade reporting and analytics to the Dynatrace observability platform

  • Need precise, real-time business metrics to support fine-grained business decisions and auditable business reporting?
  • Want lossless access to hard-to-reach business data embedded in in-flight application payload?
  • Want to be able to explore and analyse large, long-term data sets without pre-indexing?

Mediro ICT Connect works with business leaders to benefit from data-driven business insights by using Dynatrace to bridge the gap between IT and business, and to boost productivity, with real-time Business Observability.

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